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24 Hours

Tandaa bottles can keep fluids hot up to 12 hours

Tandaa Bottle

It will never leave a taste or rust.


18/18 Premium Stainless Steel

12 Hours

Tandaa bottles can keep fluids chilled up to 24 hours


We assure you the higher quality as well


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Tandaa Bottle

It all started with our 40oz Insulated bottle. Cold up to 24hrs, hot 12hrs. The original Tandaa bottle made of 18/8 steel which is both Durable and reliable. No flavor transfer and temperature retention are a few of the key benefits our bottles offer.

About Us

Meet Ferdouse Chowdhury, Founder and ceo of the TANDAA GROUP. Amid global uncertainty, our founder set out with a clear vision. During the pandemic of 2020, Ferdouse noticed that people have been consuming more and more water bottles for when they were working from home or spending time in their home offices. As a result, consumer bottle sales have skyrocketed and so has plastic waste. According to the EPA, Plastic disposable plastic bottles contribute to over 20% of Municipal Plastic Waste. On average, it takes about 450 years for each plastic bottle to decompose in a landfill.

After noticing that there was a major problem with disposable plastic bottles, Ferdouse set out… created a product which was not only environmentally friendly, but beneficial for the consumer as well, thus Tandaa was born. More than just a bottle company, Tandaa set out to create a lifestyle which is sustainable and contributes back to the community.

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At Tandaa, we hope to bring style, innovation and joy to sustainable living by providing a calm collective lifestyle. Drinking cold water from our products will give you a feeling of relief. Think about an ice cold class of water on a hot summers day. You can Contact Us

+1 (718) 690-8109